Melody Ehsani knows a lot about doing her own thing. After following in the footsteps of many of her family and friends and applying to law school after college, Melody decided she would rather blaze her own path in life. So, she followed her passion for design and started her own line of trendsetting jewelry, footwear and accessories.

Melody’s own sense of personal style is deeply influenced by skate and street culture. “I grew up around skaters,” she says. “I still love that edge.” When it comes to street wear, Vision Street Wear has always been one of her favorite brands. Vision, she says, “has such a strong heritage, being one of the original skate and street wear brands from the '70s.” Vision has maintained that authenticity in its current styles, while also giving them an updated feel with new and interesting materials and colorways.

What does Melody relate to most about Vision Street Wear? “Its boldness,” she says, as that is a characteristic she infuses into all of her own work.

For more on Melody’s thoughts on her own creations and on Vision Street Wear, be sure to check out the video above.