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We loved Nick Cave's horses in Grand Central Station in New York and now there is another sculpture greeting transit users in England. Entitled Maya, the sculpture at Bristol’s Temple Meads railway station is an eerie work depicting a little girl. It's made out of aluminum and was created by artist Luke Jerram in a pretty baller way.

Jerram used an Xbox Kinect, 3-D scanning technology, and more than 5,000 stickers to create the sculpture. The work was actually named after the artist's 3-year-old daughter who modeled for the project. She was scanned by the Xbox Kinect at the Machine Vision Laboratory (MVL) at the University of West of England. The scan was then converted into pixelated cubes which were cut out of sheets of aluminum. A staggering 5,000 cubes were covered with stickers and arranged to form the piece.

“From a distance, people coming through the station may be almost concerned to see what looks like a young girl stood by herself, but as they move closer, she will pixelate just like a computer image does,” Jerram said to BBC News. “There’s a certain distance when standing in front of the sculpture that the pixels disappear and the image of the girl comes together.”

The work is part of Bristol Temple Quarter commissions managed by WatershedKnowle West Media Centre, and MAYK. You can take a look at the work yourself in the video below.

[via Artinfo]