The good people at Pitchfork started "BasilicaSoundScape," an innovative weekend event combining art, literature and music this past year. It is held in an unorthodox location--a factory-turned art and performance space called Basilica Hudson in New York. The purpose of the festival is to find intersections between the mediums of expression rather than typical music festival sensory overload, which is an idea we can get behind.

We're excited to hear about contributions from visual artist Lionel Maunz who will display large-scale sculptures in the main performance area. According to the press release, the works will be made out of cast concrete, pewter, iron, grains, sulfur, and semen (wait, what was that last one?).

Along with the previously announced shows from Pig Destroyer, Evian Christ, Pharmakon, and reading from Richard Hell, the festival will also see a reading from Peter Sotos and a performance from Julianna Barwick. The festival will be held September 13 through 15. Hurry and buy your tickets for $60 here.

Hear more details about the event here.

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