For those of you who aren't on Tumblr, you are definitely missing out on the microblogging website's black hole of images. Here's the low-down on Tumblr in 2013: 1. Teenage girls are still as angst-y as they were in 2007 when David Karp founded the brand. 2. A good majority of Tumblr is NSFW, ehem. And 3. Girls still love A$AP Rocky.  

All jokes aside, there's a lot more to Tumblr in terms of it being a place where creative output can truly flourish and spread quickly. In fact, it appears that Tumblr has given rise to a number of Photoshop mavens, whose creations are being reblogged on the daily, across thousands of accounts. It has provided tons of digital artists with a platform for showcasing their works. We took the liberty of compiling a list of some of the coolest, most popular Photoshopped images right now. Looks like Peejet's not the only guy with a knack for Photoshop. 

The Coolest Photoshopped Images on Tumblr Right Now

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