Early last month, we were surprised to hear that the High Line in NYC was displaying a work by Raymond Pettibon referencing Notorious B.I.G. The next artwork to appear on the billboard is also surprising, and it's titled Walking by famed British artist duo Gilbert & George.

The work is a photo piece resembling stained glass from 1984 that depicts the duo alongside "a bevy of attractive young men" according to the New York Times. The work has a homoerotic undertone and also features loud colors, making the piece hard to miss. It seems like the High Line isn't afraid to push boundaries with its commissions.

The original work currently is owned by the Guggenheim Bilbao in Spain, but High Line visitors will be able to see it from September 3 to October 1. Apparently the piece is meant to reflect the progressive times. “With all the talk today about urban life and gay marriage,” High Line Art curator Cecilia Alemani told the Times, “it seems even more appropriate now.” Other artists commissioned by the High Line include: Ryan McGinley, Allen Ruppersberg, and Paola Pivi.

[via Artinfo]