The news that Been Trill was going to be stocked in PacSun stunned fans of both the brand and the store. The four available T-shirts sold out incredibly quickly, and was soon followed by the news that a Been Trill x Diamond Supply Co. collaboration was on the horizon. The collaboration drops today, and is available exclusively at PacSun.

Reactions ranged across the spectrum, and we caught up with Nicky Diamonds at a preview event to get his thoughts on working with Virgil Abloh, Matthew Williams, and Heron Preston's collective, and whether this collab was a one-off or an ongoing project. As for Been Trill's thoughts, Virgil Abloh stated on his Instagram account that their single goal was to "Capture our youth and it's connection to skateboarding and push it forward." Seems like Nicky Diamonds couldn't agree more.

How did this whole project come about?
I've known Heron Preston for a real long time, and we're friends with Virgil and all the guys from RSVP. Ibn Jasper works for us, and he's down with Kanye. So you know they're doing their Been Trill thing, and they just wanted to do a collection with us. Obviously we're gonna do it because we always just do all our collaborations with our friends. Been Trill x Diamond, there it is. It came out awesome. 

Did you guys approach PacSun or did they approach you?
They approached us to do it. Kanye knows the CEO of PacSun, supposedly, so when it came time for this it just clicked. We've been selling in PacSun for like 10 years, so now that Been Trill's here it only makes sense for us to sell our first collab at PacSun.  

Is this is it, or will this be an ongoing thing?
I'm not sure, I'm sure we're going to work on more stuff in the future. This is a lot of product. Beanies, hats, fleeces, coaches jackets, I think there might be socks. I don't know if this is everything. There's a good amount of stuff. A couple different styles of beanies and hats. 

What's the creative process of working with the Been Trill dudes?
I let them do what they want, and then I just put in my two cents. I gave them our logos, and let them do it how they wanted to do it. I mean, for the most part, I immediately liked everything.

Do you have a favorite piece?
The coaches jacket. And the fuckin' old school biker stoner hat with the flaps going down the back.