Yesterday, the music video for Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" officially debuted. Unlike the previous leak, this new version is completely interactive, allowing users to control the speed and take screenshots of the arresting visuals that interpolate throughout the song's duration.

The video openswith visuals similar to the ones Kanye had unveiled during his performance at the Governor's Ball festival in June. It mainly features a super-jacked CGI version of Kanye that jumped around and posed like a tortured artist for three minutes. Kanye's avatar momentarily turns into various futuristic monsters, and if you look carefully, you can even see a CGI version of Kanye's dong.

The rapper was initially pissed off about the leak, revealing that he had worked with Nick Knight on the "Black Skinhead" video. He claims he and the visionary director had lost sleep over the video. Find out more about Kanye West's latest high profile collaborator, as we answer Who is Nick Knight? 

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