Are you going to be in New York this summer? If you are, you should know NYU is offering people of the Big Apple an intensive 3D printing class this summer. Those who take the course can expect to learn the fundamentals of the rapidly growing discipline. You'll discover the capabilities of various types of printers and material properties.

Why should you take a 3D printing class? Well as many have discovered in the past years, the technique has lead to many innovations in fine arts sculpting, architecture and even the medical field. We are discovering a lot of uses for 3D printing in our lives, and the NYU Advanced Media Studio hopes to empower people to find even more.

Yes, the opportunity is amazing. However, there is one catch: the tuition for the 15-session class is $3,155. So if you are interested in taking the class, be sure you are ready to fork over them dollars. You can find out more information over at NYU's website.

[via AnimalNewYork]

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