With the availability of Smartphone photo filters and advanced computer editing, it may seem that otherworldly images must have gone through some type of alteration after being shot. To prove this notion wrong, New York City-based photographer Allen Skyy Enriquez, who also goes by The Zartorialist, creates special effects in his photos without any post-production editing. By holding a light-diffracting prism in front of a regular lens, Enriquez adds a fragmented, kaleidoscope-like effect to his images.

The series "NYC Prism" includes six cityscapes, including views of New York's iconic bridges and the Manhattan skyline. Enriquez achieves the captivating effect of presenting the familiar against a foreign, fictional setting.

Describing his work, the photographer says, "What you see through the viewfinder when shooting through an object that bends light can often yield completely unexpected results when loaded onto a screen."

Limited edition photographs from "NYC Prism" are available for purchase for $45 as 11-by-17-inch prints on the photographer's Etsy store.

[via PetaPixel]

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