The Museum of Sex, also known as MoSex (which you have to love), opened in October 5, 2002 in New York City. Their mission is to document "the history, evolution and cultural significance of human sexuality." It has various sculptures, books, and other materials that highlight sex. It is also featuring mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner in an exhibit.

The former congressman resigned from office two years ago after tweeting a picture of his, well, weiner and lying about his account being hacked. He also admitted to having inappropriate conversations with many different women. Naturally Weiner would fit in. Into the museum, of course.

The exhibition entitled Universe of Desire includes messages from a Facebook conversation between Weiner and a Las Vegas blackjack dealer. The Democrat boasts about his sexual abilities. Museum curator Sarah Forbes said Weiner's words were "artifacts of sexuality." The exhibit highlights human desire via digital landscape and will run through September.

[via Metro]

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