Musical genres like country music, death metal, or classical are what some people classify as “white people music.” But, like most stereotypes, that simply isn't true. When it comes down to it, music really has no boundaries. And when it comes to style, the philosophy remains the same. The same way there's a bit of cognitive dissonance when you hear the words "black country singer," that doesn't mean they're not out there doing their thing.

Guys like Eminem and Mac Miller have proven that white dudes can hold their own in hip-hop, but there are plenty who are also holding it down in the world of R&B. Some may not have dressed as well as they sound, but there are a few whose style personal style was as distinguishable as their singing voice. Whether they’re wearing crispy suits, or predicting trends way ahead of their time, these white dudes have a sense of fashion that stands out. Possessing that rare combination of gifted vocals and high style IQ, here are The Most Stylish White Dudes in R&B History

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