It's no secret that the fashion industry has created an unrealistic and unattainable idea of beauty. Some have banned too-skinny models, but for the most part, designers, brands, and companies often only want size zeros. Which is why it's all the more impressive—a breath of fresh air, if you will—that former Ford agents Gary Dakin and Jaclyn Sarka have started Jag, a modeling agency for women of all sizes. "We are the first agency in New York that's dedicated solely to women of all sizes," Dakin told Fashionista. "The goal is putting girls of all sizes on the covers of magazines, in advertising, and not stopping."

Dakin and Sarka were in charge of Ford's now-defunct plus board (Ford closed it last month) and helped change people's perception on plus-size models. Model Crystal Renn walked at Paris Fashion Week, appeared in Vogue Paris, and starred in a Chanel campaign. Tara Lynn and Candice Huffine covered Italian Vogue two years ago. 

“Ford decided to slim down and focus on their core business which is men and women’s fashion and the commercial divisions; there wasn’t really any room for [plus] anymore,” Dakin said. “[Jaclyn and I] saw an opportunity to take the girls that we had developed and rebuild a brand, a different kind of brand.”

Jag represents all sizes, with the average size being a 14 or 16, according to Dakin. "We're not going to limit ourselves, because the industyr shouldn't be limiting to anybody," he told Fashionista. Right now, the agency has 30 models on its roster, including Jennie Runk, who we saw in H&M's swimwear campaign, Kris Humphries' sister, Kris, Miss Teen USA 2010 winner Kamie Crawford, and McKenzie Raley

It's refreshing to see an agency finally make #newrules. Let's hope others follow suit.  

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