Coming up as a radio man, Mike Francesa isn't normally known for his keen sense of style. But after the sports radio announcer's daily show started airing on television, every single one of the Long Island native's sessions has been under scrutiny. Recently, Matt from Staten Island phoned in under the auspices of discussing the recent struggles of Mets' first baseman Ike DavisThe caller's solution? He suggests Davis "borrow that pink shirt of [Francesa's] and then maybe he'll hit .500" right before hanging up.

At first, Francesa's confusion at the suggestion is obvious. "Why would he hit better with my shirt?" he asks, peering down through his stylish wireless sunglasses at his polo shirt. He then stutters for a moment before regaining his composure and proceeding to son the caller as only a true tastemaker can. Reflecting an argument that countless dudes have made throughout the ages, Francesa states "First of all my shirt is coral. It's not pink" and suggests the caller adjust his TV set.

Francesa, like the professional that he is, shrugs off the pink comment that was intended to be an insult. "You know what?" he posits, "You should have a shirt this color because it's a very sharp shirt. But, you wouldn't know that, because you have no taste." CALLER. SONNED. Francesa continued the rest of the program in his coral shirt fielding calls from fellow sports fans who have taste.