People will spend ridiculous amounts of money on anything. Sneaker collectors will pay large sums for kicks and even rare baseball cards can hit the million-dollar mark. However, there are collectors who will cough up cash for a lot stranger items.

A clump of Mick Jagger’s hair was recently put up for a charity auction. The luscious locks netted £4,000, which is roughly around $6,000. The amount was more than what the hair was estimated to bring in. But we’re talking about a rock icon here. The Rolling Stones front man is a living legend, and that’s why his hair might as well be a luxury item.

An envelope with the message "Mick Jagger's hair after being washed and trimmed by Chris at Rose Hill Farm" was also attached as a certification of sorts. As serious collectors know, without any form of documentation, the locks could just be anyone’s hair.

In the end, we’re wondering two things. First, how would other beautiful manes stack up on the auction block? Second, who’s the anonymous buyer who put down six racks on a clump of hair? We’re looking at you, Maroon 5.

[via Marquee]

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