While we have seen Photoshopped images portraying cities submerged in water, photographer Rupert Jordan creates a similar effect based on the same idea of flooding but without using any editing. In order to depict London's most recognizable landmarks as if they were submerged in water, Jordan captures his shots from specific angles. The forced perspective photography project titled "River London" arose from an attempt to produce images of the well-known locations in an "unusual way."

Trekking to find the most appropriate positions for framing his photos, Jordan stood in various places along the Thames and angled his camera near the surface of the water to make it seem as if the buildings in the background were flooded. Due to the nature of his journey, instead of a bulky SLR, Jordan used the compact Sony RX100, kept inside a waterproof shell. Using custom settings and careful planning, the photographer was able to achieve the right depth of field and framing to portray the intended illusion. See how familiar landmarks such as the St. Paul's Cathedral, the Pariliament Building, and the London Eye seem different as they are flooded by the River Thames.

[via PetaPixel]