First there were theaters, then there were drive-in cinemas, but now the U.K. is taking movie viewing to the next level. Hot Tub Cinema is a pop-up event in London that allows people to view films from the comfort of a hot tub. Are you trying to get to baller status? This may be the way, homie.

During the hot summer months the event takes place at night on rooftops, providing visitors wonderful views of London's skyline. In the winter, the event takes place indoors so the party never ends. Hot Tub Cinema allows people to rent whole hot tubs, but individuals can also share hot tubs with others even if it might be strange being almost naked in front of strangers (we can see that getting creepy real quick).

The event typically consists of two large screens for the movies, 20 hot tubs (that hold six people each), and a surround sound system for audio. The experience of seeing movies is getting a serious update, and we hope the event travels to the U.S. sometime soon. Take a look at the dopeness yourself with the video below.

[via Designboom / Neatorama]