At Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, Lexus brought together 212 Instagram users to create the first ever collaborative stop-motion film, featuring the new 2014 Lexus IS. Entitled "#LexusInstafilm," the project utilized 3D mapping to plot each frame along a 1417-foot stretch of test track at the stadium. Participants chose frames and were given directions on precisely where to take the shot and the hashtags to use so that Lexus could find and stitch them together, but filter choices were left to the user's discretion.

This project is exciting because it shows the endless possibilities for social and mobile collaboration, not only with Instagram, but with other social media platforms. We are willing to bet that a collaborative project that uses Vine is not far behind.

Check out the #LexusInstafilm video below and head over to the project Instagram page to view each frame:

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