Celebrities gifting their significant others expensive things shouldn’t come as a shock anymore. They have a bank account is as big as their star power so why not, right? But often times it’s the amount paid for gift that seems so ordinary that catches everyone’s attention.

The latest to receive such a luxurious gift is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. He is the recipient of an exotic knapsack that Gaga spent $55,000 on as a gift for his birthday. The bag is made by The Row, which is a brand co-founded by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen—yes, the stars from Full House. It’s made from black crocodile skin, and the special edition bag has been touched by non other than artist Damien Hirst. For Lady Gaga this is just pocket change, don't go for broke trying to do the same for your girlfriend.

That price alone might be ridiculously expensive for something as basic as a backpack, but the $91,500 Hermès T-shirt still holds the crown for insanely priced basic item. 

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