Performances With Sculptures by Terence Koh

As the opening act of the 2010 Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga's performance with Elton John had to be a bang. Recognizing this, she commissioned Canadian artist Terence Koh to create a piano for the two legendary singers. Inspired by the claw-shaped "monster hands," which fans would make during Lady Gaga's concerts, Koh fashioned a dual-sided "Monster Claw Piano," which as its name suggests, is adorned with those very claw-hands, protruding from the Baldwin pianos' surfaces.

The siamese piano was such a hit that Koh was asked to design her piano and a separate sculpture for her Brit Awards performance a month later, which as a tribute to Alexander McQueen. Koh also went on to design the "Rubberman Piano" used during the AmfAR New York Gala and a collaborative charity concert between the two friends called GAGAKOH

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