If you haven't discovered artist Know Hope, now is the perfect time to become familiar with his work. The artist was born in Orange County, California, and moved to Israel with the rest of his family when he was 10. The change of scene caused him to obsess over the way people identify with their respective homelands, a concept that has been amazingly translated into his abstract art. The Tel Aviv-based artist is sometimes called the "Israeli Banksy" because of his engaging works across the city.

Now 27, Know Hope generally uses the notion of perception as a canvas for most of his works. He's displayed his captivating works in galleries worldwide and his newest exhibition is bound to be a knockout. Hosted by the amazing Lazarides Gallery in London, his solo-show "The Abstract and The Very Real" will contain found materials like objects, vintage frames, and old papers that explore the collective social existence. The show will begin August 2 and will last until August 29.

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