The teen heart throb known as Justin Bieber has transformed before our very eyes since he burst onto the scene in 2008. "He Who Shall Not Be Named On Twitter" has gone from a wholesome, bemused cutie-patootie to a public urinating, questionable tattoo-having bad boy. Also over time, his style choices have been drastically more daring, teetering on the edge of insane trolling. But between you and us, he didn't think up these wacky outfits on his own.

Celebrities have the ability to inspire fashion choices, as well as take cues from others. So it shouldn't be a shock that the Biebs has taken a style cue or two from others*. But it's who he's taken cues from that may have you in shock. Bieber hasn't gone down the conventiional road to grad ideas for his next outfit. Prepare to be in awe as we unveil Justin Bieber's Unlikely Style Inspirations.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a parody, so it's a work of fiction, duh.

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