We've seen people get portraits of loved ones as tattoos before, even lip prints if they're that kind of loved one, but an eye? Justin Bieber stopped by New York tattoo artist Kevin "Bang Bang" McCurdy today to get a huge tattoo of an eye on his arm, Instagramming a photo with the caption "@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)." Is this really his mother's eye or is Bieber truly a scion of the Illuminati? Ha, just kidding.

Bang Bang has done a few of Biebers tats and even let the singer give him a tattoo of a mouse with the word "Swaggy" next to it. Maybe this is payback. The art isn't bad but the idea is, especially placed over the word "Believe" and that creepy Joffrey-looking tattoo he has.

[via Instagram]

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