The Brits have an approach to streetwear and style that is far different than the U.S.A right now. They may be a few (light) years ahead of its time, but designers like Joseph Turvey are helping intertwine the streetwear and menswear worlds together—then distancing itself from the preconceived notions of both genres.

Turvey searches for obscure inspiration amongst rarely-visited avenues like the paintings of Rothko and female NASCAR drivers—giving the clothes plastered looks with bright colors and mixtures of color blocks, prints, and simple white canvases.

The brand's spring/summer 2014 collection contrasts conversation-starting shorts with jackets and shirts that create light layers. It's not quite high fashion or streetwear. It's hard to categorize, and maybe that's for the best. If this look spreads to the States, and we believe it will, expect a lot of brands to take notice of Turvey's style-bending ways.