The Internet sleuths over at Deadspin have outted another member of the professional sports world. No, there's not another star-on-the-rise who has an imaginary girlfriend, this is way more serious: J.J. Redick is a total geek for watches. Not just any watches, the renowned-shooter is an uber fan of Panerai watches: The leather-strapped, Italian-made timepieces thare are known for their craftsmanship and deep-sea diving capabilities. And has gone as far as posting on a Panerai-specific Internt forum to profess his love for the watches and find other like-minded companions.

As a member of the Orlando Magic in 2012 while on a roadtrip to Sacramento and Portland, Redick reached out to fellow Panerai enthusiasts in the general area and even met up with two "gents" with the same interest.

Here's an excerpt of Reddick's post on the forum:

Up until last week I had never met anyone from this community. However, I was headed to Northern California for my job this past Sunday so I decided to hit up Micah, who many of you know, because he made some straps for me and has always been very gracious and patient with all of my questions. Micah and I had just a few minutes to meet up but it was my pleasure to meet him and his beautiful wife and son. He was even kind enough to bring me a strap for my 372 (pictured below). After our meeting, I had to head up to Portland, OR for a few days (again for work) and Micah suggested I meet up with a couple of great Ristis in the Portland area, Howard L and Mike C.

Still, his escpade gets even better. "Howard, Mike, and I had a wonderful dinner at Wildwood restaurant in Portland. And Micah was right- two solid gents. It was great to meet them and share some pics of our watches and families. Looking forward to the next time I'm out on the West Coast," Redick wrote.

Admittedly, if you're read this right now, there's a high probability that you've spent time on clothing-related Internet forums, wishing your friends knew about the latest Supreme release or the difference between a full-canvassed and a half-canvassed suit. It happens, it's just funny to see a celebrity, who could be friends with anyone he chooses, find buds via the Interwebs.

[via Deadspin]