Nick Wooster is no longer associated with JCPenney, but before he left, the Woost God dropped off some #menswear parting gifts for his devoted faithful looking to come-up on the low.

Sure, we all assumed there would be washed blazers and slim-fit shirts, but who could have expected chambray 5-panels? No one saw this coming. 

Recently, the big-box retailer received two 5-panel options from its trusty brand Arizona that feature a suede brim and leather strap. There's an even a hickory-striped hat.

Still, the best part is that JCPenney is giving you a deal on these caps. Buy both and it will only run you $22.50 per cap. Who knows, you could even pick up some dad jeans while you're at it.

If you're interested, you can buy them here.