It's really easy to throw shade at James Franco, but when you think about it, the man deserves endless props for continuing to attempt everything he's ever wanted to do (beyond acting). We even put him on our list of The Most Important Artists of 2013 (So Far) for his artistic accomplishments during this year alone. Let's spell them out:

- He's re-creating Hitchcock's Psycho in his "Psycho Nacirema" exhibition at Pace Gallery in London
- He's co-curating "Cinematic Visions: Painting at the Edge of Reality" at Victoria Miro Gallery
- He moderated the Chekov-inspired Bird Shit performance at MoMA PS1
- He acted in Paul McCarthy's pornographic "Rebel Dabble Babble" exhibition at Hauser & Wirth Gallery
- The mother of performance art, Marina Abramovic, announced that she's making a movie about his life 
- He turned down the opportunity to star in Kanye West's "American Psycho" video (but drew this version of Yeezus for GQ instead)
- He's curating a book of Dennis Hopper photographs to be published by Gagosian Gallery
- We put him and Seth Rogen on the cover of our June/July 2013 Issue, too (just saying)

There have been multiple profiles examining Franco's superhuman ambition over the years, despite the sometimes mediocre results of his projects. The natural question we all ask is, "How does the guy survive, and does he ever sleep?" From the description of his new book, Moving Pictures / Moving Sculptures: the Films of James Franco, we may be one step closer to learning how Renaissance man Franco does it all.

Featuring an introduction by Marina Abramovic and an essay by Francisco J. Ricardo, the book promises to be "a meditation on how James Franco's films relate to other dimensions of his artistic output." As if that wasn't enough, here's where the *oh shit this book is something next-level* part comes in...the book contains FOUR DVDS WITH 30 HOURS OF CONTENT. Game over. Franco won. The answers to how he continues to be a pop culture superstar while dabbling in the arts however he pleases are here, and only for the low price of $75.00 (published by OHWOW). With this knowledge, you too can become the multi-faceted person that does everything without sleep or concern for other people's self esteem.

Buy the Magna Carta Holy James Franco Grail here, and if you're in LA tomorrow night, you can get your copy signed at OHWOW (937 N. La Cienega Blvd.) at 8:30 p.m.