Jake "The Snake" Roberts is a style icon. The wrestler's signature python that he carried around his neck may have predicted today's style trend of python-skin garments that have inundated the streetwear and high fashion industries. 

The '80s and '90s wrestler has been quiet as of late, but it came to attention that he had put on a serious amount of weight and picked up a nasty drug habit that included included alcohol, pills, and crack, TMZ reports.

For fans hoping that Roberts would make a reappearance and drop a definitive DDT on the style jockers, they're in luck. The wrestler has undergone a drastic makeover: losing 70 lbs. and gaining his long, signature hair back—thanks to a yoga program led by no other than Diamond Dallas Page. Yes, the WCW star that had you throwing up the ROC, er, diamond-cutter in the late-'90s/early-'00s.

Still, the best news, for wrestling fans, is that the Snake wants to get in the ring one last time and compete in one last Royal Rumble. If so, we think Been Trill should give him one of these tees to wear for his entrance.

[via TMZ]