J. Cole, DJ Drama, and Brandon T. Jackson must have been stoked to show up as the living embodiment of Drake's "Versace" hook at the BET Awards last night. But as soon as each of these dudes saw the other Versace enthusiasts, their pride for "Medusa head on me like I'm illuminati" went flying out the window, as did their stylists' contracts. Seems like a more appropriate song would be a remix to Young Jeezy and 2 Chainz' "RIP," with the hook "RIP we just killed this sweater." The samesies gaffe had Twitter going nuts, and any one else who owned this AW13 sweater immediately called up the nearest funeral home to start planning a swift burial service.

If anything, this serves as a very public reminder that style is not achieved by simply copping an expensive and/or rare piece and throwing it on. Creating a representation of your personal sense of style and aesthetic takes much more than that, and should be more much about attitude and perspective than price tag and brand name. Of course, these three guys may not give a fuck that other guys are wearing the same shit they are, which would be the right outlook to have if this ever happens to you. What's strange is that we just celebrated J. Cole's underrated steez. This just goes to show that anyone can get caught up in the allure of brand name and hype, when going beyond that results in much more original style.

[via The YBF]