IKEA's biggest appeal is its affordable pricing, but the Swedish company is taking another angle, promoting their products for their small-space living solutions. While it seems that our living quarters are becoming smaller each year, IKEA's study in the UK revealed that Brits have the smallest homes in all of Western Europe, and that a staggering amount of money is spent annually on storage alone. To avoid the costs and hassle of dealing with small spaces, IKEA United Kingdom has launched the "Make Small Spaces Big" campaign.

In the TV advertisement below, titled "One Room Paradise," Mandy, a Barbie-like doll, lives with her son in a small apartment. The two are shown interacting with various IKEA furniture that offers smart storage solutions, like a bed with space underneath the mattress and a table that folds out for additional surface space. Within their small home, the mother and son enjoy a wide range of activities from playing ping pong to skateboarding, boasting that they have successfully made their small spaces big.

[via PSFK]

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