The East Coast is the midst of a brutal heat wave. Temperatures are reaching close to a 100 degrees, and predictions are calling for a few more of hellish conditions before the heat breaks. Everyone is suffering, but that doesn't mean your style has to wilt.

Just because the thermometer is in the triple-digits doesn't mean how you dress should be compromised. In fact, there are many ways you can combat the heat and still look like your steezy self. If you ditch the oxford shirts, heavy workwear, and raw denim for appropriate substitutes, you're on your way to cooling down while looking better, too.

If you decide to leave your air-conditioned abode, here's a guide of things that you'll need to simply not melt. If you get street-styled in the process, you can thank us later; that's if cameras still work in this weather. With that said, here's How to Stay Stylish in a Heat Wave.

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