We all know that Jay-Z is a wealthy, wealthy man. Dropping dough on designer clothes and sneakers is as easy to him as lifting his pinky, breathing out, and probably even blinking. On his latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, there are a lot of style references he and other rappers drop. Given Jay-Z's financial status, it's a given that the stuff he wears can't exactly be bought at a mall. We're talking bespoke suits, and one-of-one pieces from high-end designers. That got us wondering—just how much money does Jay-Z invest in his current wadrobe?

We gave his latest album a close listen to get a feel for the stuff populating the rapper's closet thesedays. From Givenchy gear to custom Jordans, Jay's premium gear usually comes at a premium price. But there are some surprisingly affordable things sprinkled in. We tallied up the figures to find out how much you'd need to pay to emulate his lavish style (we see you, @ItsLavishBitch). Think your bank account's up to snuff? Read on and find out How Much Would It Cost to Dress Like Jay-Z?

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