The street king of puns, Hanksy wishes the world a Happy Fourth of July with these new pieces. Using the bald eagle (the symbol of patriotism and all things 'Merica), Hanksy takes the word "bald" literally, replacing the eagle's head with the faces of hairless pop culture figures like Britney Spears (circa 2007), Breaking Bad's Walter White, and comedian Larry David, all against red, white, and blue backdrops. We're sure Tom Hanks approves, maybe Larry David and Patrick Stewart do too? Britney Spears definitely does not. 

According to TimeOut, Hanksy will be conducting a scavenger hunt in New York City's Lower East Side to give away one of the Larry David Bald Eagle works on a panel. To participate, check out his Instagram page where he will be dropping clues this Independence Day.

[via HuffingtonPost/TimeOut]

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