Milan's largest contemporary art space HangarBicocca opened in 2004; however, it is rapidly capturing the global art scene's attention. We loved their creative exhibition remembering the works of Mike Kelley, and now we're excited about the projects they have planned in the future. The space announced a slew of innovative shows it will host from October 2013 to April 2015.

Headed by artistic advisor and former director of Tate Modern in London Vicente Todolí, the facility has a pattern for its upcoming showcases; it will alternate between well-known artists and up-and-comers. Each one of the shows will also be site-specific," designed especially for the HangarBicocca spaces, or in collaboration with other contemporary art institutions," the institution said.

The fun starts on September 19th with Icelandic artist Ragnar Kjartansson's installation The Visitors. The artist, who sailed the S.S. Hangover at the Venice Biennale this summer, will show nine video projections that together form a choral musical performance. Next, the facility will see a retrospective featuring installations, prints, paintings, and videos by Dieter Roth in the exhibition "Islands" on November 7.

In January 2014, HangarBicocca will display a solo exhibition by Micol Assaël with interactive installations highlighting physical dynamics. The space will also hold famed artist Cildo Meireles' installations, including A Traves and Babel, in spring of 2014. In May 2014, an anthological exhibition by Pedro Paiva and João Maria Gusmão will also come to the art space. 

You can read about other shows planned for the space here.

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