Google has always been immersed in the art world and the tech company is taking it to the next level. The company is collaborating with the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J. to present a traveling exhibit. They are the "lead creative partner" for the show "Beyond Rubik's Cube."

The exhibition will feature a 35-foot illuminated "Groovik's Cube" that will allow visitor interaction at the exhibit as well as online. It will also include a 12-foot cube able to be entered, towers of brain teasers, a high-speed cube solving station, and many other fun nerdy activities.

"Google's team will extend the exhibition into the digital realm, personalizing the experiences and embedding the exhibition in global social media," Google said via press release. The company also explained, "Highly interactive physical and digital challenges invite visitors to consider why this timeless toy became a worldwide phenomenon and fostered creativity across the fields of science,
technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics."

The exhibit will open in April 2014, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of the famous toy made by Hungarian Erno Rubik.

[via CNet]