The entertainment industry is a beast. It's a tough field to break through—not everyone is discovered by an agent at the mall, and not everyone has a famous dad who can land them a role in a big-budget film. Which is why we often hear the terms "struggling actor" or "struggling singer" being thrown around. As a result, one of two things often happen: people get part-time jobs, bussing tables or folding clothes for a living, or if they've been blessed with good looks, model for companies and brands. 

Tyrese Gibson, Channing Tatum, and Mark Wahlberg did the latter. Before these guys became famous and had legions of (female) fans following their every move and stalking hotels, they paid their bills by starring in ad campaigns and even walking in runway shows. But they're not the only ones who've done it. Of course not; everyone has to start somewhere. You might be surprised to find out what other Famous Dudes Who Used to Be Models.

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