Horsens, Denmark is an exciting place to be right now because artists have been filling the streets with creations for the Public Art project. Spanish artist Escif has conjured up three murals for the event, leaving his mark in different locations across the city.

Escif's largest piece, titled How to Survive Horsens, depicts a series of self-defense methods and practices, referencing the area's violent and crime-ridden reputation throughout the '80s and '90s. Ironically, the Public Art project is one of the city's attempts to improve its image. A second piece, Baruck Pizza, is an artful painting that replicates the storefront of a pizza restaurant directly next door. This mural is humorously disorienting. For Escif's third work, an untitled painting depicts a man on a horse exclaiming, "What the hell!!" Viewers might have the same reaction. Escif's contribution to Public Art in Horsens is evidence that the city is evolving from its past image.

[via Arrested Motion]

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