Here at Complex Art+Design, you have probably noticed that we love cats. So naturally we are excited about The Cat Show now at White Columns. The exhibition shows wonderful furry friends alongside art projects. The show has been curated by writer, artist, and cat enthusiast Rhonda Lieberman. It includes pieces by over 50 artists like Cory Arcangel, Mike Kelley, Barbara Kruger, and Marilyn Minter.

“The original idea for the show was really only the habitat, to create a place for the cats to hang out,” Lieberman, said to New York Times. “Matthew wanted to have more pictorial things that weren’t necessarily just for cats, so the show got very aesthetic, but it’s really more of a social sculpture that uses art as a conduit for rescue.”

The show also has a serious purpose. The entry of the exhibit has pictures of pets whose owners have passed on or otherwise abandoned them. The pictures weren't originally intended for art purposes. They are taken from a 2007 public service campaign by Animal Care & Control of New York City. As you probably guessed, the images are meant to help save forgotten pets from being euthanized.

Below you can see a video with the exhibition via Artinfo.

[via TMagazine]