Mnuchin Gallery in New York will show ten "stack" installations by minimalist artist Donald Judd at their Upper East Side gallery from September 26 to December 7. Stacks are architectural forms made out of iron and colored plexiglas boxes, arranged vertically (stacked) and mounted to a surface, in this instance, a wall. Judd's stacks utilize industrial materials and repetition, like minature buildings sans support beams. 

The ten stacks included in the exhibition range in materials and colors, a result of Judd's experimentation between 1968 and 1990 as a way to "explore the myriad effects of varying transparency, opacity, surface, and color." The spacing, lighting, and the viewer's position in relation to the structures all effect how each piece is perceived. 

For more information on "Donald Judd: Stacks," visit the Mnuchin Gallery exhibition page.