D.C.-based Barnes Vanze Architects have designed the Discovery Pod Playhouse as a prototype for playhouses to be sold at auction. The playhouse measures 10x8x11 feet and includes large windows and a compact rooftop garden. The architects used Piet Mondrian as inspiration for the structure's facade. Mondrian's signature rectangles and squares complement the structure's cube shape. The entire unit costs around $25,000 to build, and its size allows for it to be easily transported to and from the auction site. The playhouse is designed to meet both the tastes of children and adults, and it serves as a work of modern art on its own. Notable elements include a chalkboard wall, solar panels for powering LED lights, and a window in the floor for viewing a fishpond below. Although the structure was designed to be a playhouse, many of us probably wouldn't mind living in this piece of impressive architecture.

[via Houzz]

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