California-based (Texas-bred) illustrator and art professor Cuyler Smith noticed that many iconic television and film characters are so recognizable that you don't always need to see their faces to know who they are. On August 9, he will test your pop culture knowledge with a solo art show at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn that features 120 of his "Cut Short" portraits. Despite their cropped faces, characters like Bruce Lee, Ferris Bueller, Judge Dredd, and the Joker are easily identifiable by their clothing, expressions, and the occasional deformity. 

In addition to the original pieces, limited edition giclee prints will be available, allowing the collector to mix and match sets of their favorite characters. Cuyler Smith will be in the building for the opening reception, so make sure to get your prints signed while you can. For more information, follow @CuylerSmith on Twitter and check out his Facebook page for more teasers.

Bottleneck Gallery
60 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY
August 9-August 24 

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