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London-based Kokon to Zai (KTZ) first manifested as a creative space in 1996, but has since grown into a clothing brand. Though it can be difficult for non-American labels to tap into the stateside market, that hasn't been the case for KTZ. Designers Koji Maruyama and Marhan Perjoski, and CEO Sasha "Sasko" Bezovski have garnered a huge following for their religious prints, embroidered graphics, and forward sense of fashion.

They've released great collections, and haven't lost their touch with their most recent one. In the last few months, KTZ has also become a celebrity favorite. It started around the time Kanye West wore some leather gloves in the "Birthday Song" video and A$AP Rocky received a custom hoodie with matching pants. See who else has been spotted in the UK brand in this Gallery of Celebrities Wearing KTZ.

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