The Internet loves cats, and the Internet loves lists. There has never been a more perfect union. In fact, some websites have based their entire existence on constantly combining the two. While we've done our fair share of dipping into that well (we see you Lil Bub), our style-obsessed brains have always been trying to find the point where cats, lists, and style all intersect. That day has finally come.

We linked up with Ben Huh, the CEO of the Cheezburger Networkthe people who've brought us such viral blessings as FAIL Blog and Lolcats—in order to discuss the very, very serious matter of which cats were absolutely killing it in the style department. After hours of deliberation, multiple e-mail arguments, and one very, very well-edited Google Doc, we finally reached a verdict. Read on to see where your favorites memes land, and find out what happens when Ben Huh Ranks The 25 Most Stylish Cats on the Internet.

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