Cannes is easily becoming the high-end heist capital of the world. This year alone the French resort city fell victim to three multimillion-dollar robberies. Fresh off the most recent heist that took place this past Sunday, which netted the robbers the second biggest score ever in France, is the latest robbery involving luxury watches.

Brazen thieves walked in to the Kronometry store—just minutes away from the heist that took place on Sunday—with a gun and a grenade, and made off with a haul of 40 timepieces. The estimate value was not disclosed, but if there’s any indication from past robberies, these thieves have a taste for million-dollar items.

The same luxury watch store is no stranger to theft. It was taken for one million euros this past February. Whether they're the same thieves or different, it’s clear these robbers also don’t play by the don’t-hit-the-same-place-twice rule. By the rate at which all these thefts are taking place, it doesn’t look like it will slow down anytime soon.