According to Cracked, the concept of the bromance reaches all the way back to Ancient Greek. Aristotle described this phenomena in 300 BCE as, "those who desire the good of their friends for the friends' sake that are most truly friends, because each loves the other for what he is, and not for any incidental quality." The term evolved to encompass Turk and JD on scrubs, Joey and Chandler on friends, and anyone who's ever been in a Judd Apatow movie. 

If you look at art history, however, the bromance goes back even further, to the first bro in the world, Adam. From Michelangelo's fresco Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel to Lucian Freud's modern-day male bonding our list of The Biggest Bromances in Art History takes you on a 500-year tour of brotherly love. Man crushes never looked so beautiful.

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