There are plenty of DIY style hacks you can master in order to save some money. Still, there are times where the damage can be so severe, not even your YouTube-instructional video skills can save your hard worn items. It's easy to simply toss away an old jacket or a pair of boots in exchange for something new, but why get rid of something when a simple fix can make it useful again. Plus, after all those years of wear, they probably hold some sort of sentimental value. Maybe they were passed down to you, maybe it’s your favorite pair, or just maybe you don’t want to toss out that well-worn look you’ve tried so hard to perfect.

There are brands out there that will breathe new life into your boots, jackets, or jeans for free or a small cost. Wear and tear is normal for any piece of clothing, and you would be hard pressed to find a brand that will cover standard damages at no price—it depends on the brand’s policies. However, pieces that have slipped through the quality control cracks, which included defective materials and poor workmanship, will almost always get fixed for free. 

Everyone spews high quality products and customer service these days, but we’ve cut through all the talk and provided you with brands that actually back it up. Here are 11 Brands That Offer In-House Repairs. 

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