People of the art world went nuts when news broke that Jeffrey Deitch would be leaving MOCA. Some say his departure is linked to the institution's lackluster performance, however there is one man who believes in Deitch's work. Bob Dylan’s son Jesse Dylan unveiled a six-minute video on Huffington Post defending the former museum director's time at MOCA: "Whether or not you're a fan of his style, we can all agree that he was responsible for a set of provocative, interesting and unexpected exhibitions that enriched our experience of art."

In the article, Dylan praises Deitch's contributions to MOCA and the art world:

Moving forward, I hope that cities around the world will embrace an alternative vision of art -- pushing boundaries and expanding our understanding of art. Jeffrey's work at MOCA included a wealth of points of view, at times contrary to his own. In the coming years, whether or not we agreed with him, I believe we will look back at Jeffrey Deitch's tenure at MOCA as a high point for culture here. At his core was the wish to make known what is unknown: to reveal. 

Dylan, who founded the production and media company Wondros, knew Deitch from his gallery, Deitch Projects, in New York. In 2011 he actually met him in person at MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition, often seen as a big show for the museum and for Deitch as a director. “He’s a very complicated, fascinating character,” Dylan said, according to the L.A. Times. “Art in the Streets was a different experience of art than I’d ever had. I was curious about the person who’d thought it up.”

Dylan said Deitch's legacy in Los Angeles compelled him to perform an interview which appears below.

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