We always knew that Beyonce Knowles had a thing for visual art, and after her Miami performance on July 10th for the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, she hit the streets to check out the city's vibrant art scene. 

On July 11th, she posted images to her curated blog The Bey Hive, including the photo above from Wynwood Art Walk, a tour through Miami's formerly gritty neighborhood that has now become a destination spot for the top street artists in the world. Wynwood is an explosion of colorful murals and art galleries, the nexus of the art world in Miami.

Beyonce also hit up the Perez Art Museum Miami for a different taste of the city's culture. She posted an image of Marcel Duchamp's 1911 Cubist painting The Chess Players on her blog. From what we've seen of The Bey Hive so far, it looks like an impressively handpicked art and fashion Tumblr. 

Last week, Jay-Z rapped to Marina Abramovic in New York's Pace Gallery, and Beyonce enjoyed Marcel Duchamp works in Miami. The superstar couple is increasingly blurring the line between pop culture and high art, and we're excited to see what comes next.

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