"We used to build shit in this country" was one of the greatest lines from The Wire, and a common sentiment regarding American production. Sure, the post-World War II apex of American manufacturing may be long over, but that doesn't mean it's completely gone. And furthermore, what is produced here is still of superb quality. Local production means oversight, quality control, and a more fairness in how a garments gets from the factory to your closet.

Americana's spotlight may have dimmed a little, but that heritage segment of style is still going strong. And what's even more exciting is that brands that are pushing the envelope in aesthetic, performance, and construction are realizing the positives of producing in the US, and inspiring others. It's not all about denim and hard-wearing goods, everyone from streetwear brands to sneaker companies are producing great stuff right in our backyard. This Independence Day, do something patriotic besides just eating hot dogs and shooting fireworks. Check out and support The Best Made in USA Brands Right Now.

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