Public School/Black Apple 

Maxwell Osborne: "For me, designing arose as a mistake. Nothing was planned on my end. I've always been a fan of what designers do—never something I planned to do myself. It came about when I was working retail for Tommy Hilfiger and really started to look at the construction of garments when it was slow at the store. That lead to an internship at a clothing brand where I took the opportunity to get in the door and continued to run with it. Mentors brought me under their wings and slowly taught me how to turn thoughts and sketches into reality. I thank them! Oh, and thank you, Tommy!"

Dao-Yi Chow: "Music was my entry point into fashion. I grew up in the MTV generation and the idea of style and how it shaped the viewers perspective of the artists. Hip Hop specifically placed extreme value on presentation and being original, exclusive, and aspirational. I wanted to be able to recreate those moments that I saw in the videos and capture the energy from the music."