Los Angeles has a lot of creative talent. A recent survey finds that artists make up 4.86 percent of our workforce, which is a larger percentage than any other city in the U.S. (including New York surprisingly). According to the National Endowment for the Arts, 96,150 people work in creative industries in L.A. The West seems to be where it's at: San Francisco is second at 4.3 percent, and Santa Fe follows at 4 percent.

The study is based on U.S. Census information and found that there are 2,081,735 artists in the country, making up 1.35 percent of the complete workforce. The list lumps people who generally make their complete income in arts. It includes architects, fine artists, art directors, animators, dancers, choreographers, designers, musicians, photographers, producers, directors, writers, and "other entertainers."

The NEA survey has other interesting findings. Design is the most popular artistic job in the U.S., employing 39 percent of artists. Photography and directing/producing are the least common artistic jobs with both professions employing only 7 percent of artists in the workforce. It also finds that generally women make up one out of every four architects. Tell that to Zaha Hadid.

[via WashingtonPost]